Finding The Moon Man

Meeting The Okunev

We have to start out this journey at the same point where I did myself and follow the flow of the connections again. I came across the Okunev as a culture a few years back and was intrigued like many others by the rock carving and monoliths they have left behind. Their heritage also includes funerary traditions and pots, tools and gifts as well as decorative rock art grave coverings.

Have a look through the images of their rock art in the gallery. You should notice that they may differ, but share a number of common traits; there are 5 ‘balls’ in a pentagonal formation. There are three layers in most images and also vertical dividers in the top layers. There is a ‘mouth’ – which is stretched widely in the Okunev images, more like a cocoon.

The general concensus as far as I am aware, is that these carvings are monstrous anthropomorphic depictions of the god(s) of the Okunev. But that is because no one can come up with a good alternative explanation. I decided to sit down, do line drawings of the various ‘faces’ I could find and eventually found the ‘moon man’ that triggered an insight into what the rock carvings and monoliths were about.