Dancing with the sun

Lets start from the very beginning…

We do not want to assume you know anything at all about stars, how the earth rotates around its own axis or how it moves around the sun in the centre of our solar system. Even if you are aware of the concepts presented in this section, be sure to read the ‘take away’ parts, so you do not miss out on important information that we will refer to later on again.

1. The earth rotates

The earth rotates on its own axis once every 24 hours. It would be more fair to say that ‘Each time the earth rotates on its axis, we call that length of time one day.’ Be clear that the length of our day depends on the rotation of the planet. The planet itself.. does not use hours or clocks. It simply rotates.

We know how to measure a day; a day is from one sunrise till the next sunrise. It is a repeating, complete cycle.

Take Away

The period between two dawns is called a day