What the neolithic pattern is about

Since man started scripting itself on cave walls and rockfaces they were expressing themselves and the context of the world around them. There are numerous types of drawings in the rock art archives. In this site we will only look at one subset of the images, namely those that display ‘the pattern’. The pattern can be recognised easily once understood and sheds light on a number of curiosities in pictography from antiquity.

In short, the pattern is an expression of a deeply seated, wide spread knowledge about the workings of the world in pre-historic times. The pattern contains concepts of life and death, an upper, middle and lower world, a calendar, solar solstices  and equinoxes, the phases of the moon and more. Mythological stories, creation myths and hero tales reflect the same pattern in their narrative organisation and the pattern is expressed across the globe in rock art, monoliths, rock carvings and cave paintings, tellings us of long lost views of what life is about.